What Makes a Great Business Website?

Great Business Website

Websites are the most important parts of brands and businesses in 2022. In the digital age and after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a crucial element to online visibility, as a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong noted. Every big or small brand or business aims for digital sales. A business website serves as the platform to do so.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong and video marketing agency Hong Kong, a brand or business website linked to social media posts and videos can significantly boost conversions and sales. This is by making it convenient, easier, and safe to make a purchase. Below, let us discuss what makes a great business website grow and sustain its existence.


A great business website – informative and well-designed – adds credibility and strengthens a brand. Modern consumers expect every brand or business to have a website where they can find details about the company and its offerings. Using a business website can help a brand deliver offers and perfect messages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Modern consumers also want to compare and discover the best products and services that they need. A business website supplies enough data about a product or service, including its color, price, size, and other features. This, they can do, even using a mobile phone. The website can also direct customers to the nearest store to complete a purchase.

In the digital age, a business website can also be an edge among competitors. Designing it professionally and making it user-friendly can help you connect with customers and prospects then influence their buying experience. Modern consumers prefer a great business website 2x more than a poorly designed one.


The WordPress site shared the anatomy of a great business website and what makes it great.

Calls To Action (CTA)

A great business website encourages visitors to take action by using bold and eye-catching CTA buttons such as:

  • Buy Now
  • Download Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up

There are a lot more CTA that a website can use. The key is strategic placement and linking them to social media pages.

Compelling Images

The digital age means visual competency. That is why a good business website should display compelling images such as compressed media files for SEO, high-quality product photos, and stock imagery for service listings. Visuals gain faster reactions than words.


A website footer is a web page element containing valuable information about the business. These include the brand logo, contact information, email & newsletter sign-up forms, navigation links, privacy policy, sitemap, and social media icons. As the name implies, it is located at the bottom of the web page. Having a footer can improve the overall usability of a business website.


The first impression lasts. The saying holds for a business website. The header is the top section of a web page. A clean header makes a great first impression. Website designers should put a lot of creativity and design effort when making headers as they are the first point of connection with the consumers. They should contain a brand logo, CTAs, headlines, navigation links, and search buttons.

Important Pages

The basic elements that make a great business website are important pages such as:

  • An About Page
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Pages
  • Products and Services Pages

Key Information

Transparency is one main characteristic of a great business website. What makes it great is helping visitors find and navigate useful information easier.  These include the essentials about a business, such as contact information together with the product and services catalog on the upper half part of a homepage.


Simple navigation bars make a great business website. They should be easy to use and user-friendly with fast-loading transition web pages.

Responsive Design

Around 95% of the world’s population uses mobile devices. That is why it is important for a business website to be mobile-optimized. It should have a responsive design in all screen types.

Reviews And Testimonials

Positive reviews help drive sales. Negative feedback help improve the business and builds credibility. Always remember to include honest reviews and testimonials on your business website. This is because consumers trust consumers.

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