Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing Tips

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights Twitter as a popular microblogging platform that encourages its audiences to share what’s on their minds via tweets. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, the platform has around 329 million monthly active users today. It is the 7th among the favorite social media network in the world. It also ranks 9th among the most visited global websites. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, Twitter is one of the most valuable marketing havens. Below, let’s explore the best Twitter marketing tips.

Create Clear Branding Guidelines

The best Twitter marketing strategy is to create clear branding guidelines. Consistency in the background, colors, emojis, fonts, hashtags, images, etc., can boost brand recall and recognition. It should follow a consistent color palette, logo, typeface, etc. The right brand guidelines take the interest, personalities, and preferences of the target audiences into account.

Know the Best Time to Post

Knowing the best time to post on Twitter means reaching when most of your target audiences are commonly present on the platform. According to studies, the best time to post on Twitter is early morning on weekdays. Ideally, the tweets during 8 AM on a Monday or Thursday receive the most engagements. It is also recommended to post on Twitter a little late during the weekends.

Leverage Hashtag Usage

A hashtag is a metadata cross-referencing tag. It allows highlighting an interest, niche, or topic. Leverage popular hashtags. It can help you boost engagement on Twitter.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

It is best to update your Twitter profile from time to time. Keep your Twitter handle easy to remember, short, and recognizable. Use a profile image that is relevant to your brand. Add URLs or website links to make it easier for followers to find your brand or business online. To further optimize your Twitter profile, write a benefit-driven or engaging bio under 160 characters.

Post Amazing Visuals

Since tweets have limited characters, using amazing visuals can help brands and businesses better deliver messages. They also attract more engagement than posting text-only tweets.

Post Resonating Content

Posting resonating content keeps your Twitter followers engage. Keeping existing Twitter followers engaged is as important as getting new followers.

Run Twitter Contests

The best way to increase engagement in your Twitter profile is to run Twitter contests or giveaways. The Twitter nation is excited to receive freebies and prizes. It can influence them to follow a brand or business.

Take Advantage of Twitter Ads

Promoting tweets is another great Twitter marketing tip. It attracts new followers and increases engagement. Take advantage of Twitter ads to promote your tweets.


Tweetstorms are a series of related tweets in quick succession. It is a great way to gain someone’s attention. It is also the best way to make longer messages more understandable by breaking them up into multiple tweets.

Use Emojis

Emojis are a symbolic representation of emotions. It can substitute body language and tone of voice in digital communication. Use emoji on your tweets to express emotion, humor, irony, etc.


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