The Rise of the Short Video

As a marketer, you probably already know how powerful video content is at reaching out to audiences from all walks of life. Now, short video content is beginning to dominate the digital marketing space, and it won’t be long until it completely takes over and becomes the most dominant and effective form of content on the Internet. 

To start, look at how much video has grown and has taken over the web. Brands and businesses across the globe use video to get their message across to their audiences, and many videos have successfully reached “viral” stature the same way a digital marketing company Hong Kong has done.

Video Consumption Statistics

60% of all Internet traffic comes from videos, and this number is only projected to grow as the years pass. Written content will still be valuable, but videos, particularly short-form video content, are now key in attaining and retaining an audience.

Humans, as you probably already know, have very short attention spans, and videos are able to capture attention in a way that no other type of content can. Videos are entertaining, passive ways for people to obtain information, and people are more inclined to learn about a product, service, or thrust through a video than through an article.

While long video content has had its days in the sun for quite some time, short video is rising up to take its place. Currently, 49% of videos made for businesses are less than 60 seconds long, so brands and businesses no longer need to churn out lengthy pieces of content to attract audiences and convey their messages. They only need to market short videos properly and creatively for them to be effective.

Why Short Videos Work for Brands and Companies

There are a multitude of reasons why short videos are effective and engaging and why companies should consider using them. Here are some of the main reasons why.

Straightforward and Easy to Understand

Consumers enjoy short videos because they are straightforward, straight to the point, and waste absolutely no time. As a brand or marketer, you are more likely to retain and attract your audience if your videos are short and sweet. This is a big reason why short video platforms, like TikTok, are incredibly popular.

TikTok has risen in prominence over the last few years, and it has become even more popular during the pandemic. Content creators have been able to create engaging and entertaining content that spans less than a minute, and many have been able to develop a significant following through the app.

Easily Marketable

Short video content tends to be more marketable. Picture this – brands and marketers are all trying to cut through the clutter and noise across the Internet, and they all want to attract the attention of their audience. As mentioned, attention spans get shorter every year. It’s way easier to get a potential customer to watch a video that will only take up 30 seconds of their time, compared to getting them to watch roughly 10 minutes of video. Remember, you want to produce a video that viewers would actually want to watch. If no one watches your video, then all the work you put into your video will be all for nothing.

More Cost-effective Than Long Videos

Shorter videos can give brands more savings when it comes to production costs. Traditional advertising tends to be more expensive and requires more extensive resources. Short videos, on the other hand, tend to fit any type of budget, and even small businesses and startups can use them in their video marketing campaigns.

Higher Quality

When it comes to content, quality is king. Short videos are no exception to the rule. Social media platforms are constantly developing their algorithms, and producing content of value has become more important when it comes to attracting audiences. Marketing experts say that consumers prefer a professionally produced video that lasts about 30 seconds to a longer, but of lesser quality, video.

Highly Flexible in Style and Content

Short-form video content offers a lot of opportunities for brands and businesses to be flexible in the type of content and style of video. There is a wide variety of content you can do: behind-the-scenes shoots, news breaks, lists, sneak previews, and more! Additionally, they do not have to be structured the same way that long videos do. Content producers can experiment with the type of content they want to make and offer their audiences variety.

How You Can Use Short Video for Your Brand

Short-form videos and branded content are two of the most powerful content formats online. Leverage these two formats and incorporate them into your marketing strategy to build your brand, develop your following, and expand your reach. 

It is important to remember that short videos have the power to evoke emotion from your audience, and it is part of what makes them so effective. Consider repurposing content and utilizing short videos to amplify your message. Consider teaming up with a video marketing company Hong Kong as well to help you reach your video marketing goals.

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