The Power of a Unified Brand

ADV2204-001 The Power of a Unified Brand

LinkedIn recently published an infographic about the value of branding from a different perspective. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a brand or business cater to different types of audiences. These are the customers, employees, investors, partners, prospects, potential talents, regulators, and stakeholders. Each audience plays a vital role in the growth and success of a brand or business.

A social media agency Hong Kong notes that it is easy to assume that a separate strategy for each type of audience is needed. But in reality, the strategy can be blended to unify the brand. It does not matter if a customer or prospect sees a recruitment post on a company page. It also does not matter if a job candidate sees a corporate campaign. Multiplying the impact to display the power of a unified brand matters.

A Unified Brand Can Help Reach Marketing Audiences and Talents at Scale

Consumers, employees, investors, and job candidates are more holistic in evaluating brands. It is one of the biggest challenges among brands and businesses today. But these audiences typically seek similar things. These are a consistent sense of connection, reliability, and values of the brand or business.

A unified brand allows remote work. They can hire talents that can be based anywhere. At the same time, they treat buyers and employees as one and the same. This means nurturing long relationships with everybody in the business circle.

A Unified Brand Capture the Essence of Who You Are

Sharing a brand’s DNA among all audiences will motivate them to take action. Customers can share how great a product or service is. Employees can share how wonderful the workplace supports them. While investors can become influencers to highlight the reputability of a brand. By telling them who you are through messaging, sharing of beliefs, and standing for something, a unified brand can influence all types of audiences.

A Unified Brand Impacts the Whole Community

Unified branding means sharing blended content for all stakeholders. These pieces of content can add value, in a way, to any type of audience. Brans and businesses should see to it that every posted content should acquire a customer, hire a candidate, or inspire an employee. LinkedIn suggests the following content that companies can blend on their LinkedIn Pages:

  • CEO on values article
  • Company connections
  • Company news and updates
  • Company’s sustainability initiatives
  • Customer success story
  • Employee culture research on the careers page
  • Guides on an area of expertise
  • Job opportunities linking to landing pages
  • LinkedIn live videos about relevant key issues
  • Post on how to support employees
  • Product offerings on Carousel Ads
  • Recruiter interviews
  • Recruitment ad on a homepage
  • Single image ads
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Whitepaper via lead gen forms

A Unified Brand Multiplies ROI Over Time

A unified brand builds consistency, familiarity, and trust over time. As such it evidently boosts return on investment (ROI). Unified branding results in a 35% increase in sales growth over 5 years. It also results in an 84% content engagement lift. Among talents, it lifted application rates by 87%.


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