The 4 Cs of Video Marketing

4 C’s of Video Marketing

More than 99% of marketers use videos as a marketing strategy. The top 3 social media networks for video marketing are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. But around 63% of video marketers also planned to engage on LinkedIn. Then, there is the TikTok app which became a hit among the younger generations. 

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, YouTube leads social media platforms when it comes to video marketing. Eighty-nine percent of marketers engage with YouTube channels to promote a brand, product, or service. The simplicity of the platform makes it appealing to everyone. With 122 million daily viewers, 79% of Internet users have a YouTube account.

To become successful in video marketing, a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes the importance of 4Cs. These are skills that brands and businesses should possess to make their video ads effective. These 4 Cs are collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Let’s take it from the experts and learn more about them!


digital marketing speaker Hong Kong defines collaborations as the ability to connect between partners and target audiences. Today, video marketing is not just about technical skills. To create authentic video content, advertisers, creators, and marketers should have collaborative behavior in building good relationships. The key to being collaborative is enhancing your soft skills like active listening and problem-solving. Take the time to discover what your audience is interested in, what they need, and what they prefer to watch. Interact with other people in the industry to build your network and partners. Connecting to different levels of people can help you exchange ideas, interests, and knowledge as well. Collaboration is a strategic way of professional development.


Case studies and researches found out that a single powerful word can chemically change interactions. Words can make people motivated and unmotivated. They can make or break a video ad. Even though video marketing focuses on moving graphics, advertisers, creators, and marketers should carefully choose their headlines, meta descriptions, and thumbnails on their video content. Use words that don’t only communicate. Instead, use words that motivate. The key to communication in video marketing is to get off with automation. Use short and sweet headlines that come straight from your mind. Manually correct automated text suggestions on your meta descriptions. Use call to actions on your video thumbnails to incite actions from your viewers. Use positive words like brainstorming, weekly win, etc. Instead of a plain thank you word, say that someone is extremely helpful. Wake up your words for better communication, and people will surely wake up to you!


Creativity is a skill needed in every type of work. Especially with video marketing, creativity makes you stand out. It is being bold and brave enough to fail. This is because the more you try and fail, the more you learn. Creativity in video marketing is knowing how to connect two or more different ideas. As such, brands and businesses can cultivate videos that empower people. Start with a clear objective by defining your goals and target persona. From there, pattern your videos according to their common interests and preferences. A fun and engaging video theme works best among younger generations. Professional networks prefer a more formal theme. Cross-pollinate your ideas. Work with both left-brainers and right-brainers. Keep yourself updated with video innovations and trends. These tools can be very helpful to apply creativity to your video ads.

Critical Thinking

Whenever you are very sure about something, question it. This is the idea of critical thinking. This means competing, not only with others but also with yourself when making videos. Critical thinking helps you avoid being biased and subjective. Ask other’s opinions to improve your craft. Learn from feedback and reviews. At the same time, do your research to establish accurate and truthful information, not because most people think that something is correct means it is truly correct. Most of the time, the majority of the crowd’s beliefs are untrue. So, if you apply critical thinking, you will pretty sure convey accurate and truthful messages on your video content.


The 4 Cs of video marketing are collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Honing these four skills can make one an amazing video creator. Though there is more to finding success in video marketing, they will surely help you connect to your customers and the right partners. This is a clear path to success in marketing.


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