Skyrocket Your Business with These Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

Do you know who invented the first movie camera? It was Louis Le Prince who used a single lens to film people walking in a garden in 1888. The movie was entitled Roundhay Garden Scenes. From there, videos have become an engaging part of people’s lives. Video marketing has been around since 1941. Bulova, a watch seller, ran the first TV commercial for a New York Yankees game. In 1981, the first music television video (MTV) was broadcasted by the Buggles entitled Video Killed the Radio Stars. A video marketing agency Hong Kong said that the message of the said MTV is now today’s reality. Video marketing has dominated the online market. 

YouTube was launched in 2005. Big brands have recognized the potentials of such a video-sharing platform. Nike, for one, created the Ronaldinho video setting a lifetime record of 1,000,000 views. After a year, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. It aims to use the platform for marketing and search. In 2010, Google launched the first interactive and monetized video ads – Old Spice. It became the catalyst of modern video marketing. 

Today, video marketing has been the heart of online advertising and marketing. Around 96% of modern consumers watch online videos. An average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes a day watching them. Video marketing has also dominated social media networks, according to a social media agency Hong Kong. On Facebook, more than 4 billion video views take place every day. They are the best content format that generated engagement on Instagram with an average of 150 comments each. On LinkedIn, videos are shared 20 times more than other types of content. Among marketers, video ads have influenced 64% of consumers to make a purchase. Using the power of videos, skyrocket your business with these video marketing tips!

Repurpose Your Blog Post Into a Video Content

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong commonly repurposed a blog post into video content. This is to save a lot of effort, money, and time. How-to blogs are often the longest form of written content. Marketers can create and use them in amazing informative videos. From a sales brochure or pitch, marketers can conceptualize a webinar. They are very useful in lead generation. You can also record and upload them on your social media networks for expanded reach. All the more, marketers can create a short clip or teaser out of blog posts to grab the attention of their target audience. These short clips can also be a perfect way to get more shares and views. 

Focus More on the Quality of Rather Than the Quantity

This tip is non-negotiable and self-explanatory. Poor video quality drives viewers away from your channel. So, it is best to aim to create quality video content instead of hurrying up to publish them. A solid video strategy involves the following:

  • Planning your content by identifying its goal, the target audience, and ways to evoke emotional connection among the viewers.
  • Choosing the right background depends on the type of audience, content, and goals. Real backgrounds are recommended for beginners who want to build trust among their audiences. Green screens or fake backgrounds are hard to set up but can liven up millennial audiences and online shopping.
  • Choosing the right lighting to make your visuals engaging is another solid strategy to create quality videos. There’s no need to buy a new camera. All you need to do is learn the camera settings of your smartphone. If you are shooting your video indoors, natural light is your best bet. So, you need to pick a room with the best natural lighting. Outdoors, it is best to shoot an hour before the sunset or during a cloudy day. These scenarios provide cinematic and soft lighting.
  • The clarity of the audio is very important in the video quality. It is how your viewers capture the message of your video ads. Thus, it is important to use an external audio recorder instead of your camera audio. They are the most reliable way to capture your audio messages.
  • Follow the rule of thirds. Position big dramatic faces on the middle of the 3×3 grid. Don’t have too much space above the subject, yet don’t cut the top of their heads either. 

Focus on these solid tips and you can maintain quality video branding. 

Find Your Target Keywords and Connect Them to Your Video Content

There are several ways to find relevant target keywords when uploading video content. Google Autocomplete and YouTube Autosuggest both use machine learning to make it easier to find relevant keywords for uploaded video content. They can greatly increase the SEO ranking of your videos. What is best about these online tools is that they automatically search and suggest product tags for your video content. The suggestions are based on the most popular topics being searched in Google. For a more in-depth search, can provide a hundred variations of relevant keywords. 

Pack a Punch in the First Three Seconds

According to Facebook for Business, the first 3 seconds of your video is critical to influencing viewers to watch it for at least 10 seconds. Around 65% of viewers watch them for 10 seconds and only 45% watch them for 30 seconds. As such, you have to be straightforward in delivering the value of your video on its first part. You can do this by using the following:

  • An appealing question
  • Fact or title cards
  • Quick sketch

The thumbnails of a video should also deliver the context clearly. This you can do by doing the following:

  • Choosing an appealing font
  • Enabling a fine contrast with a bright background
  • Perfecting the video thumbnail size

Using appealing background music together with a unique visual style can make your video more engaging to the viewers. 

Start Using Live Video

Today, live video is getting the spotlight among social media users. They stand out as they allow direct and real-time interaction with the audience. Live Q&A sessions, live shopping, and even story clips of behind the scenes have helped brands create an authentic connection to the hearts of potential customers and loyal followers. It makes them part of something truly special. 


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