Repurposing Videos to Amplify Reach

Repurposing Videos

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, creating good videos is stressful. Especially when most video creators are perfectionists, they feel that a video is never enough. This makes it hard for them to decide things before publishing the video and during the editing process. Most creators want to give their audiences the best experience within their video creations. Besides, making videos is not for everyone! When making one, most people fear being able to be consistent, look good on camera, and speak well. There is also the fear of not having anyone to watch their videos. The struggle is real and it doesn’t stop in merely uploading video content. The next challenge lies in repurposing videos to amplify reach. This is to help more viewers to engage and find video content. Here’s a handy guide on repurposing videos to amplify reach. 

What Is Content Repurposing?

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that content repurposing is not just copying and pasting content. Rather, content repurposing is a marketing strategy of updating an old post and promoting them on different platforms. From a core piece of content, repurposing creates new pieces of content with more values added to them. Let us take a video as an example of content repurposing. YouTubers commonly create long-form videos. Then, they edit these long-form videos into smaller segments to share on other social media channels. Yet, there is a need for YouTube creators to have a creative eye to repurpose great video content. They need to have the right editing skills and knowledge of aspect ratios for every social media platform. 

Why You Should Repurpose Your Videos

A video marketing agency Hong Kong recommends repurposing your videos to maximize their reach. If your goal is to reach as many people as possible, repurposing can get your video in front of a wider audience. It is important to consider alternative platforms and expand videos into a new format. In such a way, you can access audiences that are previously unavailable to you. For brands and businesses, repurposing videos can help them attain their marketing goals faster. These include brand awareness, discovery, engagement, and sales.

Repurposing Videos to Amplify Reach

There are 10 ways of repurposing videos to amplify reach among brands and businesses.

  • Add Video Captions in Different Translations. Not all video viewers are English speakers. Most of the time, videos are watched with sounds off. That is why adding different captions to your video content is a great way to repurpose them. Including captions in different languages can help videos reach international audiences.
  • Create a Series of Blog Post Out of Your Video Content. Deeply explore each segment of your long-form videos by writing a blog post for each of them. Then, connect them into a series of blog posts to move readers into a deeper funnel. Through this series of blog posts, you can use more SEO keywords for the repurposed video to rank higher on search results.
  • Create a Social Media Campaign Using Your Video Content. Videos account for 80% of Internet traffic. By creating a social media campaign to repurpose your video content, you can experiment with different messaging styles and segment different target audiences. 
  • Engage Your Video Content Through Emailing. The most common way to repurpose video content is to have them as a part of your email campaign. Videos increase click-through rates by 65% and email open rates by 26%.
  • Grab Your Video Stills as Blog Images or Website Content. Videos are a series of images. So, one way to repurpose them to amplify reach is by using their most interesting stills on blog posts and website content. You can repurpose stills of charts and graphs into infographics. You can pick a few frames and convert them into GIFs. 
  • Place Your Videos on Product Pages. Most social media pages now enable tagging products using links of blogs, eCommerce pages, and videos. An explainer video can be repurposed into smaller sections to give the viewers specific information about products and services. This does not only amplify reach but, at the same time, boost conversions. 
  • Transcribe Your Video. Transcribing a video means repurposing the content into an article or blog. A written walk-through of visual content can broaden its reach if translated into different languages.
  • Turn Your Videos into a Podcast. Audio marketing is also on the rise. The podcast and audio-only apps like Clubhouse are taking on the spotlight. This can be a good opportunity to turn your video content into a podcast. It’s an easier way of repurposing. Just split the audio off and you’ll have an instant podcast episode.
  • Use Your Videos on Landing Pages. Besides publishing videos on different channels, the best way to repurpose them is to use them on landing pages. They can dynamically engage the visitors of your page by telling a clear story and value among your viewers. 
  • Use Your Videos on Webinars. Studies confirmed that visuals are a very powerful way of retaining information. As such, you can repurpose your videos as a webinar presentation. They can be a perfect way to explain a difficult concept. They are also a faster way to educate your audiences. With 65% of the population being visual learners, videos allow a person to process information in the brain 60,000x faster.

The Bottom Line

Get the most out of your video content! A great video can go a long way. For brands and businesses, repurposing your video content is a cost-efficient and easier way to amplify its reach. 


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