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Go Live Together

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Next to Google, YouTube is also the most popular search engine. In 2008, the platform enabled live streaming & premieres. The said YouTube live event was streamed from San Francisco and Tokyo, featuring Bo Burnham, Katy Perry, MythBusters, and Smosh.

According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, it was YouTube that spearheaded the live streaming industry. Yet, the platform did not specialize in live broadcasting, hosting them occasionally. Among the most notable YouTube Live events are the 2009 U2 concert and a live Q&A session with Barack Obama in 2010.

Today, YouTube is set to upgrade its live-streaming features, as a social media agency Hong Kong has noted. Creators can host live streams via an encoder streaming, mobile, or webcam. With live chat moderation tools, they make a community channel healthier and more welcoming. As part of YouTube’s effort, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the pilot launch of Go Live Together on YouTube.


Katherine Lam, the Product Manager on Live Features at YouTube announced the pilot testing of “Go Live Together” last 18 March 2022. The announcement was made via the YouTube Creator Insider channel. “Go Live Together” is a new mobile collaborative streaming feature. With such a new feature, a creator can invite a guest to a live stream by simply sending a link.

The host creator will be able to host a live stream, invite, and screen guests before going live to their viewers. Please note that the guest channel and user information in a “Go Live Together” will remain hidden. The creator host will be able to see the streaming analytics in YouTube analytics. It is the same as viewing other live stream insights. But as a guest, you will not be able to see these analytics. Please note also that pre-roll and mid-roll ads can appear in a “Go Live Together” stream. These ads will be attributed to the creator host channel.


“Go Live Together” is one of the most requested features among creators. After the pilot test, YouTube is looking to expand the number of creators who can have access to it based on the feedback. “Go Live Together” houses new live broadcast features that are currently in the making. These include full-screen mode, live Q & A, live rings, and live redirects.

Full-Screen Mode

In the coming months, YouTube will be rolling out the full-screen mode. YouTube prioritized an uninterrupted view of a live stream by taking a split-screen approach with two different viewing experiences for mobile devices. These are through live chats or sending a message during live streaming.

In the lean video and live chat experience, the live chat engagement panel will sit on the right side of the full-screen display. It replaces the live chat overlay from the classic view in YouTube. The collapsed live chat or lean back experience allows the video to be in full-screen when a viewer watches in landscape mode via YouTube mobile. The chat is represented by the viewer count in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Clicking the viewer count brings the viewer to the lean-in mode. It will show a teaser of key moments in chats like polls. It makes sure that the viewer does not miss anything. The full-screen mode will roll out on YouTube by the end of next week.

Live Q & A

In the next few months, YouTube will also launch a live Q & A feature. It will allow a viewer to submit a question during a live stream, based on the creator’s question prompt. Questions answered by the creator host will be temporarily pinned on top of the live chat. It is to encourage other viewers to submit a question. Live Q & A is yet another feature in the creators’ arsenal to foster a deeper connection with the YouTube community.

Live Rings

During a “Go Live Together,” a red live ring will appear around the profile image of the creator host. These live rings will help viewers identify when a channel is on a live broadcast. The live ring added to a channel’s profile picture can increase discovery and viewership for creators’ YouTube live streams. Tapping in the profile feature with the red live ring will redirect the viewer to the active live stream. Live rings are visible on the screens of certain mobile devices. YouTube plans to extend live rings across the platform later this year.

Live Redirects

The third feature in the work for creators is the cross-channel live redirects. Through live redirects, YouTube creators with at least a thousand subscribers and has no active community guidelines strike can use live redirects.

  • YouTube Creators with at least a thousand subscribers can direct their viewers from a live stream or premier to another live stream or premier on their own channel. But they cannot send viewers to another live stream or premier on another channel.
  • YouTube Creators with at least a thousand subscribers and has no active community guidelines strike can direct their viewers from a live stream or premier hosted on a different channel. The channel being redirected can add channels that they want to allow to redirect to them. The channel being redirected can also allow all channels they have subscribed to redirect to them.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIBCfaI-LwQ

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