The Explosion of Audio-Visual Content

Today, audio and visual content have been a great part of social media. Audio content allows a more authentic connection to the world. While visual content creates a more effective when communicating messages across different channels. As such, the explosion of audio-visual content will never be halted. A digital marketing speaker Continue Reading

A Look at the Next eCommerce Trends

Last year, eCommerce became an indispensable element of digital marketing. It has greatly shaped the global retail framework. A social media agency Hong Kong has noted that the transformation of eCommerce among social media platforms has become very fast. It makes it harder for marketers to cope up. To guide you further, Continue Reading

The Rise of Aesthetics on YouTube

Have you ever heard of “Bardcore” or Cottagecore” on YouTube? You might have heard such niches but do not have a total understanding of them. These are aesthetic channels on YouTube. Being a rising trend in digital culture, they have allowed diverse identity types. As such, these YouTube channels flourish Continue Reading

Twitter Revives “The Agency Playbook”

It’s back! Twitter revives “The Agency Playbook.” It aims to explain why you and your clients need to invest in the microblogging platform. Twitter introduced its first agency playbook in 2019.  According to a social media agency Hong Kong, during that time, Twitter was the number 1 platform for discovery Continue Reading

Top Instagram Metrics That Marketers Should Track

Instagram is now a photo and video sharing app. Its attractive and simple visuals are a hit to the younger generations. But the platform can go further beyond visuals. There are top Instagram metrics that marketers should track. This is to create a social media profile that highlights your brand Continue Reading

The 4 Cs of Video Marketing

More than 99% of marketers use videos as a marketing strategy. The top 3 social media networks for video marketing are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. But around 63% of video marketers also planned to engage on LinkedIn. Then, there is the TikTok app which became a hit among the younger Continue Reading

Skyrocket Your Business with These Video Marketing Tips

Do you know who invented the first movie camera? It was Louis Le Prince who used a single lens to film people walking in a garden in 1888. The movie was entitled Roundhay Garden Scenes. From there, videos have become an engaging part of people’s lives. Video marketing has been Continue Reading

Repurposing Videos to Amplify Reach

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, creating good videos is stressful. Especially when most video creators are perfectionists, they feel that a video is never enough. This makes it hard for them to decide things before publishing the video and during the editing process. Most creators want to Continue Reading

Best Practices on Video Marketing

Videos are one of the most popular forms of content marketing today. They have proven to be very effective in increasing brand awareness, conversion, discovery, and recall. According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, YouTube videos make 70% of viewers aware of new products and services. They are the Continue Reading